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Monday, November 21, 2011

TN:PP went to the Supremes to protect Tennesseans from this smiling babe..

 Perhaps I am prejudiced but I think this is the best looking Choose Life plate out there. So you pay a little extra for this....see what your donation can do! This plate is celebrating 5 years of being on the road.  It was a long hard road to get there ..PP and ACLU fought all the way to the Supreme Court to protect Tennesseans from this smiling babe ....

Tennessee’s Choose Life Plate Provides Hope, Protects Life

Alone, confused, and scared are just some of the feelings experienced by a woman who finds out she is pregnant unexpectedly.  Thankfully, throughout Tennessee, life-affirming pregnancy support centers offer hope, options and resources to women and girls in need, due in part, to drivers displaying the Choose Life specialty license plate. Since becoming available at county clerk offices in November 2006, more than 37,500 Choose Life plates have been purchased in Tennessee making it one of the state’s best-selling specialty tags. Most importantly, almost $600,000 has been raised by the plates to support life-saving agencies and projects designed to increase awareness and resources for at-risk women, children and families facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies.

In practical terms, the Choose Life plate proceeds represent funds used to positively promote adoption in our communities and to strengthen programs of privately funded non-profit pregnancy centers which exist to provide confidential support, counsel and resources at no cost to women in crisis.

Consider “Tracy,” a single mother of two who was a victim of domestic abuse. Upon learning that she was pregnant with her second child, Tracy believed that an abortion was her only alternative.  Instead, through the practical assistance of a local agency supported by Choose Life plate funds, Tracy has been able to escape her dangerous home life and gain the needed support and encouragement to care for herself and both daughters.  “I look at my baby and know that she is a miracle,” Tracy shares readily with anyone who asks about her life and decision to parent. “It’s not easy but I thank God for directing me to people who cared about me, my circumstances and my baby,” Tracy says.

For “Abby,” a billboard funded by Choose Life plate proceeds was the means of finding the help she needed to continue her pregnancy. “I suppose at the time I was ambivalent,” Abby explains.  “I didn’t really want an abortion but I didn’t know how I could care for a baby either.” It was during this critical period that Abby left a fast food restaurant and found herself staring straight into a sign advertising the services of a life-affirming pregnancy center located just doors away.  “From the minute I walked in the door I found compassion and care,” says Abby, “The decision was mine but it was easier to make knowing that I wouldn’t be alone and that help was just a phone call away.”

As Tennessee Right to Life and pro-life advocates throughout the state celebrate the fifth anniversary of Tennessee’s Choose Life plate, the political debate and court challenges surrounding its enactment hold little importance to women such as Tracy and Abby.  More significant to them, and hundreds of other Tennessee women served by plate proceeds, is that in communities all across Tennessee, help and hope exists to ensure that everyone has the resources, encouragement and support necessary to choose life.

Written by: Mrs. LaMarche is an adoptive mother, a longtime volunteer at Hope Resource Center in Knoxville and a Board member for Tennessee Right to Life.  For more information regarding Tennessee’s Choose Life plate visit or call toll free 1-877 CHOOSE LIFE.

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