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Monday, November 21, 2011

Author compares abortion to tree pruning

“For me, abortion is like pinching the leaves off the mother plant to let it grow.” 

Outrageous statements used to justify abortions by Linda Weber of Boulder, CO. She actually  makes a living as a spiritual counselor for rites of passage for women and has written a book  trying to normalize and glamorize abortion as a life choice and rite of passage for women. 

Here is another quote....

We die into ourselves in one way or another throughout our lives. It is the way life creates itself. Abortion can be a great teacher about this both on the level of personal experience and for humanity’s relationship with the earth as a whole.

 Abortion does not create life it kills it and the reference to pruning and the humanity's relationship with the earth   shows a twisted mind at work.
Save your money on this one.....

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