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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MI: 27K praying frightens Huffington Post

 Huffington Post doesn't get it and they are afraid....this is the takeaway after reading their article bent on criticizing Lou Engle's The Call which held a rally in Detroit that attracted 27,000 people for a 24 hour prayer/fast. 

They did such weird things....sang and prayed. They are to be feared. This is a ruse, according to the article. They really want to strip away black votes from the Democratic party and defeat  Obama and other state Dems. They are afraid, very afraid. 

These weirdos did not talk about gay rights or do Muslim bashing but HP saw their true agenda....."not values but votes." You can hear the fear dripping from their words. After all how terrible that people would vote their values and get off the plantation that Planned Parenthood designed just for them. Now the words Republican or Democrat was never uttered but the writer is brighter than those 27k  in attendance. It was about Big God...Small Govt.  THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

"In the end, one can only feel sorrow for this fanciful movement that is based on pure fantasy. It exists to restore an idealized version of the 1950s family that never existed. It contorts and distorts history to turn our founding fathers into false idols whose words and views are as inerrant as their Bible"

It must be exceedingly difficult for this movement to swallow, but we have surely reached a point where the strikingly bizarre behavior displayed at this rally is significantly weirder to most Americans than floats at gay pride parades.
Maybe the writer should have actually joined the 24 hour prayer and fast and maybe, just maybe... he would begin to understand. Congratulations to Lou Engle...he has them running scared.

Engle would say it is not him but the faithful finally getting it that scares them so.

Picture from  The Call

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