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Friday, December 9, 2011

Industry oppose ban on race and sex based abortions

The abortion industry and its friendlies oppose the introduced bill  to ban abortions that are race or gender based.  They acknowledge  that non white women have abortions at a rate of five times higher than white women but say so what does that prove.
"Do they think that a woman would have sex with someone of another race, then have an abortion just because the baby might be of mixed race?"
After all this is the choice of the woman to have sex with whomever she chooses and to abort the offspring if a pregnancy is not wanted? Do they ever consider a woman feels coercion? 
Women report coercion that ranges  from subtle economic pressure to outright violence and even death.

Studies have shown:

  • 52% felt rushed, 54% uncertain,
  • 64% feel pressured to abort, yet
  • 67% had NO counseling beforehand,
  • 79% were not told of available alternatives1
  • 84% were not given enough information to make an informed choice.1
  • Coercion can escalate to violence (see Forced Abortion in America report)

They go on to mock the idea of gender based abortions. This shows either their lack of knowledge or decision to use deceit. After all the feminists go by the mantra of Trust Women....what they should say is ...Trust born women.....for their outright avoidance to protect the pre born female who is being singled out for abortion based on her gender. What worse discrimination could you ask for.?? Where is the outcry from NOW??? No, I am not talking about China but in the US  as well.
"As for gender-based abortions, 95% of all abortions take place before the gender of the fetus is even known."
Really??? Have you not heard of the Pink/Blue test.  At 7 wks gestation you can test to see if you are carrying a boy or girl. Most abortions take place between 9 to 14 weeks. I suspect that the abortion industry and those who support it know better. They just never met an abortion they did not like and they rely upon repeat business .

Why mess with a good things with those pesky facts.

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