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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pro abort blogs blame pro lifers for woman's arrest for self abortion

Pro abortion blogs are aghast over the arrest of a 20 yr. old woman in NYC who self aborted her baby of 24 weeks gestation and disposed  of the remains in a dumpster. After all, they ask...abortion is permissible in NYC for any reason up to 24 weeks ,medicaid pays the bill  and they have as many abortion mills as sidewalk vendors.  Why would she do it and why would the authorities care?  Of course it must be the fault of the pro lifers. Of course!
"We have to ask then – is the outcry when women choose to self-induce truly driven by the need to protect the health and safety of the woman?  Or is this another example of over-regulation because of the politics of abortion?"
Now they are happy that NYC has no restrictions around abortions even for minors (this woman was no minor) or pesky waiting periods but once again it MUST be the fault of the pro lifers.

"Is it possible that the relentless headlines about new abortion restrictions across most states have confused some women, who may think that these laws are national?  Or is the (successful) effort by anti-abortion forces to stigmatize abortion effective enough that some women feel too much shame and fear to seek medical care when faced with an unwanted pregnancy? Or did this woman have no trusted health care provider who could direct her to a clinic? "
Now the pro abortion bloggers care only for the health and well being of the woman, but hey, if she wants to order meds over the Internet and do her own abortion and her own burial...what's it to anyone??  We should just give her good info and wish her well. Ya, they really care about women don't they?

Just thought I would end this with an image of a 24 week fetus.

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