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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book acknowledges abortion ends a life but calls it power

Feministing  reviews the book Intimate Wars by Merle Hoffman.....some interesting takes on this pro abortion book and article making abortion seem like a sacrament.   They do not try to pretend they don't know what they are doing. They are playing God with life.

“It’ll be over soon, just take one more deep breath” — the last thrust and pull of the catheter — then the gurgle that signaled the end of the abortion. Gynecologists called it the “uterine cry.” Over and over again I witnessed women’s invariable relief after their abortion that they were not dead, that God did not strike them down by lightening, that they could walk out of this place not pregnant any more: that their lives had been given back to them.
the tube sucking the fetal life from their bodies. It was the kind of born again experience
 I bore witness to each woman’s knowledge of holding the power to decide whether or not to allow the life within her to come to term.

women assume the power over life and death with the choice of abortion,
Despite their bravado, the testimonies of post abortive men and women that regret their abortion decision   speak to the grief over their decisions. They do not feel empowered by ending the existence of their offspring. They grieve for the decision that cannot be reversed.

 Intimate wars feels women should be trusted with this "ultimate power." It is clear from her experiences that these women are in crisis and this power trip offered them does not end their crisis but amplifies it.


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