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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Komen breaks up with PP!!!!

Update: Prez Richards of PP is begging for money to make up the loss of Komen funds. Jill Stanek points out that she can reduce her salary by 1% and more than make up the difference. Also, I suggest that Obama can contribute to PP if he thinks they are so worthy after all he and Michelle have contriubted a paltry 1% to charity from their salary. 

YES!!!! The email just came to my box from the Prez of Planned Parenthood. 

"The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation has announced that it will stop supporting lifesaving breast cancer screening for low-income and underserved women at Planned Parenthood health centers."
Of course it was a call for more $$ to make up for the loss.  

Washington Post reports that the funding was cut off under the reasoning that they don't want to fund organizations that are under congressional investigation. No doubt that donations  to Susan G. Komen has been down due to their  association and their branding hurt. PP prez Richards certainly did not help them by publicly saying that PP did mammograms which they were proved wrong. 

"In some ways, the Komen decision isn’t particularly surprising. The group has been under pressure from anti-abortion rights groups not to fund Planned Parenthood. It also hired a vice president last year who had previously advocated for the group’s defunding in her run for Georgia governor."


You recall recently that Lifeway pulled their partnership with Susan G. Komen when they pulled the Pink bibles from the shelves and acknowledged they made a mistake for aligning themselves with Komen given their association with Planned Parenthood.

Persistence pays off!!!! Good for Komen. As they say...when they feel the heat, they will see the light.

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