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Monday, January 2, 2012

Colmes apologizes for mocking the grieving of Santorum's baby who lived two hours......

Oh the blogs are a buzzing over the insensitive and telling comments by Alan Colmes criticizing Rick Santorum and his family for grieving the death of their child who lived after birth for only two hours.

 I looked up to see if Colmes had any children and could not find that he did. Maybe that is why he does not understand that the death of a child is a big deal and the entire family who awaited the birth of Gabriel needed some closure. Colmes supports abortion on demand....kill and destroy the remains....out of sight out of mind. He was rightfully called out by Rich Lowry and obviously felt the heat because he tweeted that he apologized to Rick and Karen Santorum for his remarks and they graciously accepted his apology. Colmes used to be a comedian before he became a commentator. Not funny Colmes...

just spoke to . He and Karen graciously accepted my apology for a hurtful comment

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