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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Estrich on dogs and babies.....isn't her character test flawed??

I can thank the Tennessean newspaper for helping me cut down on caffeine.  I am the type who wakes up slowly , but before my  second cup is finished I am bolted wide awake by something I read in the Tennessean.

Today they had an opinion piece by Susan Estrich, the Democrat strategist and former campaign manager for Michael Dukakis.  I could not find it online at the Tennessean but found the column online. I note the Tennessean made up their own headline of ....His dog will tell you a lot about a man. 

It told a story about the late President Richard Nixon I had never heard....that he once fled his burning home leaving his dog behind. Then she told another story I had never heard ...that Romney tells of a family vacation years ago when they carried the family dog in a crate on top of the car for 12 hours. Now I must admit that this sounds strange since the family is not poor but they did have five children. So Susan goes on to suggest that you can tell a lot about the true character of a man who would treat his dog that way. 

She then gushes  over her three dogs.......
"I am the mother of three loving dogs: Judy Jarvis Estrich, Molly Isabel Estrich and Irving A. Estrich. Sometimes, being the worrywart that I am, I actually spend time thinking about how I would round up my dogs in the car in case there was a tsunami or a fire. It goes without saying that I would never leave without them."

 Well.......Susan.....first of all it is fine for us to say what we would do in the event we were caught in a fire but we may not live up to our own wonderful expectations. I surely hope all your three dogs are together when  your house catches on fire or obey your commands in an emergency.  

BUT, what I further thought as I read you ridiculous tirade demeaning the Republicans is the time you went on national television to talk about your two abortions. Susan is a strong supporter of abortion rights and Planned Parenthood. She discussed her two abortions....the first, per Susan, was a child conceived in rape.  We all agree that rape is a horrible act of violence against a woman. She did not mention what happened, if anything, to the perpetrator of the rape but she had an abortion. Here is a hard but true fact. That child was totally innocent and paid the price for the crime of the father with his/her life.  The second abortion was because a dr. advised her that her baby had a terrible defect. terrible to hear but , for Susan,  the answer was not to carry to term and care for the child as long as he/she lived. The answer was abortion. How sad. 

Susan waxes on how Judy, her oldest dog,  prefers the front seat but really the back is safer...says we can tell a lot about the character of a man by the way he treats his dogs.

All this from a woman who wouldn't treat her dogs the way she treated her children. 

Yes, I am wide awake!

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