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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tragedy at sea points to tragedy of new reality between sexes

Everyone is hearing about the terrible tragedy at sea.... how the crew and captain of the 
Costa Concordia,  grounded off the coast of Tuscany, carrying over 4K passengers acted cowardly and pushed women and children aside to jump into lifeboats. When I first heard the story, I remembered that many crew members were probably entertainers, waiters, store clerks, cleaners etc who were not trained in evacuation techniques.  This does not excuse their behavior but helps us understand it.  But the terrible tapes of the captain acting with such cowardice toward his ship and passengers in his care brought other thoughts to mind.

Rich Lowry wrote an excellent piece in the National Review contrasting the character of the captain and crew  of the Titanic in years past to what just happened. No doubt, chivalry and honor appear to be dead. This brought to mind a piece by Albert Mohler on the state of manhood today.  One of the unintended consequences of the feminists movement seems to be the feminizing of our men. We see this in the workforce and hear comments about this from men. They want to be equal, well let them do the heavy lifting. So in times of panic and tragedy, the men have not been raised to care for the women and children first but to have a view of "every man for himself" attitude.   

We  share in the blame of this new reality.

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