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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mother saying goodbye to dead baby brings him back to life....

Watch this wonderful story...I had heard about this in the past,  but this update shows that apparently the miracle baby Jamie is doing well. Several things are brought to mind as I read this. First, I had to think of the ridiculous tirade of Alan Colmes in his attempt to mock Rick Santorum for taking his baby who lived only a few hours home to grieve  with his children. He quickly apologized via Twitter when public scorn shamed him. 

The next thing I thought of was how smart these parents were and only through their method of grieving and affirming Jamie's life actually saved his life. Note that the only way they could get the doctor to come back and actually see that they were not out of their minds was to say they had come to terms with the death of Jamie and only wanted his further explanation. Note how both the mom and dad shed their shirts so the baby could feel and smell their flesh. The mom even nursed her baby......listening Alan????

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Caitlin said...

Beautiful story!!! Thank you for sharing this video!