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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walters: Jobs most fascinating person of 2011...

Barbara Walters is a mother by adoption  and  pro choice. Where does she think those babies come from or is it a case of I have mine so now I don't really care? Walters hosts an annual show at this time of the year giving her opinion of the most fascinating people of the year. It is a mishmash of celebs, politico types and other news makers. Most of this year's nominees are infamous if not strange. But the most fascinating person of the year is the late Steve Jobs.

I find it interesting that she does not mention that he was adopted at birth and if his birth mother had considered him "products of conception" we would have not had the benefit of his wonderful mind and all the contributions he brought to us. No, she just does not mention that aspect. Steve was happy to be alive and not aborted as unplanned and unwanted. 

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