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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best speech of National Prayer Breakfast was not Obama's

Okay, this is priceless....the keynote speaker right before the president is rich. At the National Prayer breakfast the keynote speaker just before the President delivered by an Eric Metaxas.  The speech included humor but some serious moments as well when  he  handed Obama a copy of his book about the  German theologian Bonhoeffer;  with the words  “No pressure.”

My very favorite part was discussing the plight of the unborn today in front of Obama, Sebelius and Biden stating ...."after carefully describing the inhumane treatment of both Jews and Africans by those claiming to be Christians, he asked then answered a question:“You think you’re better than the Germans of that era? You’re not,” adding: “Whom do we say is not fully human today?” Ouch.....
Obama has to get up and speak after him..... love it!!! How I wish the MSM would have covered it...

Start around 35:00....

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