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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cancer treatments possible without abortion

Lancet study says that abortion is not the answer for a woman diagnosed with cancer. In most cases she can have treatments including chemo with the dr. suggesting abortion. Some highlights...

Ending the pregnancy doesn’t improve chances for the mother, the same study found.
Chemotherapy after the first trimester is possible, using extra ultrasounds to ensure the baby is developing properly. Radiation therapy is best done in the first two trimesters, when the baby is small enough to be covered with a lead blanket, according to a review of previous studies, led by Belgian researchers.

But treating a pregnant woman with cancer doesn’t have to be so different from treating a cancer patient who isn’t pregnant.”
 He said the placenta seems to act as a kind of filter for chemotherapy drugs, restricting their effects on the fetus.

As pro life docs have always  told us that if a pregnant woman has a disease, he/she has two patients not one.

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