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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Former exec of Komen calls PP a bully who broke and agreement....

 Karen Handel the executive who resigned and then refused a severance package with a silence clause tells us that PP broke an agreement with Komen. Surprised...of course not. PP plays hardball and knows no shame....

"This past December, the president of Komen, Liz Thompson, met with the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, to discuss the decision, according to Handel. “There was an open and candid conversation about the controversy and the effect on Komen. There was a gentle ladies’ agreement, if you will, that no one was going to go to the press about this,” Handel said. In the agreement, she said, Komen offered to continue funding current grants, but not future ones.

“We wanted a smooth transition,” she continued. “What happened is nothing short of a disgrace. Cecile Richards put this issue in the press. There was a coordinated effort to get sites like and involved. There was an orchestrated, premeditated attempt to put this issue in the press. Talk about betrayal by Planned Parenthood—against an organization that took up for it for years.”

Handel calls PP a Komen now has returned to the abusive partner. 

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