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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Non profit refuses PP and gets verbal abuse from liberal media friends

Of course they wanted a photo op.....

"Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay--an outreach of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Wisconsin’s largest free food pantry--refused to send a truck to pick up a food donation from Planned Parenthood, prompting a torrent of hateful e-mails and telephone calls."

PP in Green Bay called the Catholic food relief agency to send a truck over to get food they wanted to donate. The Catholic agency informed them they had no truck to send over and gave them the names of 20 other agencies they could donate to. But they were angry....they called on their liberal friends in the press most notably  the Daily Kos who gave out their names and numbers and encouraged their readers to call the "A..holes." Such journalist style...

 Now PP could have delivered the food directly to them if their motives were pure but they wanted to the photo op and the publicity. Paul's Pantry did the right thing....
 I would recommend contacting Paul's Pantry with your support for their stand.

Pix: from Paul's Pantry website

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