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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PP idea of teen sex ed....

Well it is Valentine's Day and I went on Facebook and to see what  Planned Parenthood is doing and also notes that it is National Condom Week.  As one ad said forget candy and flowers because condoms show true love.  Plenty of pics of handing out free condoms and even posting restaurants that give away free condoms.

PP of Greater Memphis celebrates National Condom Week by posting a site that
All this week we are featuring places in Memphis where people can get FREE condoms. One such partnering location is Caritas Village, at 2509 Harvard Avenue in the Binghampton neighborhood.
Not only does Caritas Village have free condoms provided by Planned Parenthood, but their coffee shop also has the best plate lunches in town!

But this ad tells a story about how PP thinks our teens need to be educated. This is another post in their Natl Condom Week....Be prepared...much vulgarity......
Another National Condom Week special! Watch this video from the Midwest Teen Sex Show. It is both hilarious and informative. Even if you think you know it all, you may learn something you didn't know about condoms!
A video show about teen sexuality.


Anonymous said...

I watched the hook up video in this site that Planned Parenthood recommended as educational. I could not believe it. In one skit a brother and sister are talking about their hookup experience with each other. The brother is denying it and the sister is saying it happened and she is proud of it. The mother intervenes in the argument and the brother admits he went inside his sister twice and the mother rewards them both with cookies and smiles approvingly.
Have we gone mad???

teens sex said...

not bad xD