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Saturday, February 18, 2012

PP fights for tx$$ to test for STD's while promoting high risk behavior in teens.

PP of Greater Memphis has won a temporary injunction against the state of TN for " preventing the state of Tennessee from halting a grant worth about $150,000 to the abortion business for HIV and syphilis testing." This was awarded to PP of Greater Memphis due to the high STD rate.
"The Centers for Disease Control chose the county as a target area because of high rates of the disease as it ranked fifteenth in the United States for syphilis rates and WMC-TV indicates “Shelby County has the highest number of newly-diagnosed syphilis cases in Tennessee, and the infection rate for all stages of syphilis is five times higher in Shelby County than in the U.S. overall.”

Does anyone else find it interesting that PP of Greater Memphis  enjoys their reputation of tolerance so much that they promote high risk behavior among minors. Then they take tax $$ to test for STD's. This was spotted on the Facebook page and check out some of these recommended videos.
Another National Condom Week special! Watch this video from the Midwest Teen Sex Show. It is both hilarious and informative. Even if you think you know it all, you may learn something you didn't know about condoms!
A video show about teen sexuality.
See any connection? Check out the video on Hooking Up......this one even promotes incest!!

It reminded me of an interview with former PP director and employee of the year, Abby Johnson, who tells how the idea of tolerance is so valued that they overlook  the exploitation of minors and how PP  cannot survive without tax funding....

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