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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook apologizes and reverses policy on posting pics of the late Grayson James Walker...

I previously reported  this week that  Facebook deleted the pictures Heather Walker posted of her son who lived only 8 hours after birth. When Heather reposted the photos, Facebook temporarily banned her from Facebook!
“But when hundreds of people shared Grayson’s photos at the Benefit for Grayson James Walker page  (, Facebook saw the error of its way and posted an apology.

Facebook saw the error of its way and posted an apology. “Upon investigation, we concluded the photo does not violate our guidelines and was removed in error. Facebook is a place where almost a billion people share more than 300 million photos a day. (…) occasionally, we make a mistake and remove a piece of content we shouldn’t have. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful family. 

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Noelle Patton said...

A beautiful child and family. Thank you for honoring his life. I believe he is healthy, whole and happy now and that you will all be together again someday. God Bless.