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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Politico: Poll reports record low for 'pro choice'

 Keep the messaging coming...keep the education coming....keep the pictures coming..... 

Politico has this wonderful headline.  Record low of Americans are self identifying as pro choice.  

Their branding is down. The Madison Ave advertising agency that thought the term pro choice was a good label because after all Americans love choice. The pro life side has shown them what choice   really means. The advances in technology that gives us a window to the womb has helped to identify just who  we are killing  with abortion.

 The Tennessean recently devoted a whole section on the issue of abortion in Tennessee. The online comments were quite interesting. I participated using  scientific and philosophical evidence to support the pro life viewpoint. The  "choicers" were enraged. One self identified college grad made the most amazing statement at the end of one of her tirades. She said abortion had nothing to do with babies and the "fetus" was not dismembered in the abortion procedure and no one knows when life begins.
“Pro-life” identification is up among all three U.S. political affiliations: 72 percent of Republicans are “pro-life,” up from 68 percent last year; 47 percent of independents are, compared with 41 percent last year; and 34 percent of Democrats are, compared with 27 percent last year.

Do you think Obama might read these polls and decide it is time to evolve??  Read the Gallup poll detail here

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