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Friday, May 18, 2012

Memphis Dem speaks on the issue of sex ed despite hostility from own party

Rep. John DeBerry (D) from Memphis boldly speaks the truth  on the floor of the TN House on a sex ed bill in TN and takes considerable  heat from his own party for it. He does a good job of further explaining on CNN who appear to mock his stand 

Planned Parenthood, ACLU and liberal outlets such as NPR mock this bill and try to distort it saying that it bans hand holding, hugging and kissing and teachers will be fined for not stopping this.  Apparently CNN took their false talking points to heart and tried to run with them. PP wants  to be in schools to discuss outer course, anal sex and oral sex as ways to prevent pregnancies and then hand out condoms with their business cards.

Due to redistricting Rep. DeBerry (D) must run against incumbent Rep. Jeanne Richardson (D) in the primary. Richardson will have to move about two blocks into the district to run in District 90. Richardson is a strident and radical defender of abortion on demand. 

Well this bill passed and was signed by the Gov. despite attacks from the abortion industry and friends.
I contacted Rep. DeBerry and congratulated him on his courage.  I hope to see more courage like his in the legislature. 
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