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Friday, May 18, 2012

Knoxville TN: Banned PP from schools bring their info in under different cover

Good work on the part of vigilant parents in the Knoxville area. From No Planned Parenthood-Knox County Schools on Facebook.
"Attention Parents: This "nonprofit group" is currently active in the Knox County School system (see the section "Calendar of Events"). You can Google "planned parenthood" and "setting the record straight" and bring up the page from the time of the Knox County controversy. It is clearly stated on the PP page, under the section at the bottom, "What our education department is doing in east Tennessee," that "We are active members of Knoxville's Faith Coalition, KAPPI (Knoxville Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, and the World AIDS Day planning committee."
So they are bringing the information in through a different avenue. PP wants access to your children edging out the parents in their own style. It is not so much as what they say in the classroom presentation as it is gaining credibility as information providers to your kids. They can encourage them to look them up through social media and then that is where it gets really interesting!  Check out some of their award winning websites such as Prepare to be shocked! I know they pride themselves on being sooooo non judgmental.  Really??? Take this line from PP's  own website..
  "Research shows us that shame-based, abstinence-only education does not work."

Since when is being abstinent shameful? Is that their opinion ?? Whose research?? Aren't they being judgmental with that statement or mocking the decision to be abstinent?
Reading through the website below, there are many red flags, including "comprehensive" sex education, they are part of "many different agencies," the "Pssst" section is "confidential" and for ages "13-19." Teens are told that they can get "gift cards and other goodies for your participation." One of the problems parents have with outside groups is that they often promote teens going first to outside sources rather than their own families.
I will never forget hearing former abortion industry owner/operator Carol Everett saying that it was important to use tactics to separate the children from parents and mock their values as old fashioned. Then convince them that sexual experimentation was normal and healthy.  Realizing their immaturity to consistently use bc, they could count on them to be repeat customers at the abortion mills and that is where the $$  come in. You can get grants for the education and bc part of their programs and then the abortion part is pure profit. Now that's a business model they don't want pesky parents interfering with.
Keep up the vigilance Knoxville parents. Some are writing straight to Gov. Haslaam and here is the contact information for Supt. McIntyre.
Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr., Superintendent of Knox County Schools

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