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Friday, May 25, 2012

Political advisor to abortion industry sees states creative laws chipping away at abortion

One of my favorite feminists who gets it wrong is Naomi Wolf. You remember her...she tried unsuccessfully to turn Al Gore from an beta to an alpha man with the color suits he wore and that horrible orange looking tan. Oh well...back to the present. She admires Feminists for Life but thinks their policies are misguided. She writes an article picked up by the Guardian that mentions TN.

 Planned Parenthood appears to be target No 1: Maine, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina and Kansas have all either had bills to defund Planned Parenthood successfully passed or else bills introduced to begin the process of defunding.
"Target No 2 is abortion rights. Since 2011, 92 new laws against abortion took effect, in 11 states: some states, such as Tennessee, are passing creative new restrictions on abortion rights. On 12 April, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a new law banning abortions later than 18 weeks after fertilization, and imposing new regulations making abortion more difficult to obtain."
TN gets some good mention in here for their "creative" ways restrict abortions. Of course she sees an evil empire conspiring against women as her theory. She fails to address that these restrictions address the safety of the women during an abortion such as the one in TN that says that the abortionist must have admitting privileges at a hospital in same or adjacent county.  

Wolf also fails to address sex selection abortions that PP acknowledges their non judgmental abortion on demand ends up promoting as in ....we just hate it but oh well...let's see the cash and get on with it approach.

Photograph: Craig Lassig/AP

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