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Friday, May 18, 2012

Prominent black pastor recants his statement on sitting out election but disagrees with Obama on abortion and gay marriage...whipped back in line

Rev. Dr. Emmett Burns of the Rising Sun Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD, told CNN that he doesn't plan to vote for Romney and will likely stay home as a result of the President's current position.
People have come up to me, are saying they don’t support this, they don’t like this,” he said. “They are disappointed with the President, and they plan to stay home.”

 He was speaking on the issue of Obama coming out in support of gay marriage, a position he held back in 1996 but claimed he had to evolve to it just recently. Dr. Burns obviously was taken to the woodshed by "his base" because the next night when he appeared on Bill OReilly's Factor he had a different story.
 "Regarding yesterday’s remarks, Burns said, “I overspoke because I was so chagrined about the president.” He’s encouraging those in his church to vote, he said, adding, “I will support the president, and I don’t see a conflict here.” Burns said he can be true to religious beliefs and not support same-sex, but simultaneously support the president.
Onwards in the segment, Burns divulged that Romney sides with him on the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage, but nonetheless, he feels Obama is the better choice. A better candidate with a better program.
Circling back to the gay marriage issue, Burns decided said it’s a “slippery slope,” and if we get on it, marriage could continue to change: “Somebody will want to marry a sister, a brother.”

Interesting to me that this pastor is opposed to abortion but can be whipped back into line for daring to speak out on moral issues.  He admitted that on two key moral issues he does not agree with Obama but will now go and vote for him and encourage  his congregation to do the same. Hey, I thought pastors couldn't do that. Must be a double standard.

This is how Team Obama will treat the black population. They have to get in line despite their moral convictions.  He looked miserable on The Factor and seemed to almost be reading from a script.

Desert Dr. Burns. Stand up for the voiceless and do not vote for the most radical pro abortion president!!

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