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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tennessean columnist worries about late night comedians laughing at abstinence education....

 Gail Kerr is a columnist for the abortion promoting  Tennessean.  She is known for her left viewpoints extraordinaire.... this week she wrote  a column  entitled  'Gateway sex' bill makes TN a laughingstock again.
She laments the bill passed by our legislature and signed by our governor that says that abstinence should be promoted,  not with a wink and a roll of eyes, but enthusiastically and stop with the promotion of gateway sexual activities that ultimately lead to intercourse.   Kerr is incensed and incredulous. Worse than that she is embarrassed because late night comedians are mocking the bill and TN.

So I just had to comment on her article......

Question: How can you tell if this is a good piece of legislation? Answer: Gail Kerr writes an editorial condemning it.

Poor Gail needs to get a life. She bases her ideas of good and bad, right and wrong on late night comedians opinions. She's embarrassed.  She needs to  be embarrassed that we allow the abortion industry to have access to our children through the school system. Yes, they give a wink and a nod to abstinence but then hurry on to the good stuff. This is how you put on a condom and now let's talk about the fun of sex without getting pregnant. Outercourse, anal sex and oral sex. But wait, we do tell them to always wear a condom! Ya, get real guys,  will always want to put on a condom when receiving oral sex. Sure! 

In another part of the paper there is a good article Gail to read about the increase incidence o
f throat and neck cancer  that is attributed to the increase in oral sex. It can take 15 years for it to become cancer and they are seeing more in the prime of life experiencing this type of cancer. So starting with teens and pre teens, we encourage oral sex so they won't get pregnant and now we have rampant HPV- one in four infected. STD's are epidemic. There is a vaccine now they are recommending for girls as young as 12 and boys but they do not say that it does not protect against every strain of HPV and there are over 30 known.

To allow educators into the school who are affiliated with places like Planned Parenthood who teach this stuff under the banner of comprehensive sex ed, is the reason for the bill. It may not be so much what they actually say in the classroom but there appearance there gives them credibility with the students. Then they are given business cards and brochures with websites and contact information including text messages and as the commercial says that is when it gets real interesting. 

Just look over and see what they want to teach your kids. This site won an award!
I think Gail knows this is not about holding hands and hugs. She is helping to perpetuate the kool aid of ACLU and Planned Parenthood. She spends way too much time watching late night comedy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but Gail Kerr was right, Tennessee is a laughing stock the world over, and has been for a very long time.

Seriously, your lawmakers pass a bill that it's okay to eat road kill, & you don't think that makes your state a laughing stock?

Your lawmakers & Gov. pass bills against *gasp* kids holding hands & hugging because you "just know" it will turn them into sex perverts, and you don't think that makes your state a laughing stock?

Your lawmakers & Gov. ban all but the bare basics of sex education in your schools, (which will lead to more teen pregnancies) and you don't think that makes your state a laughing stock?

What's most ironic, with TN lawmakers passing such out of touch with reality laws for schools, they've basically embraced the Sharia law, they try so hard to keep out.


Susie Allen said...

well it looks like the laughing stock state of TN will have to bail out your progressive bankrupted state of CA.I just looked up your ranking
( Sources: US Government, RealtyTrac, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Federation of Tax Administrators, Moody's Analytics) and CA ranks 32 out of 50 states where as TN ranks 18th out of 50. Your projected budget gap is over 25 Billion whereas TN is 0. Businesses and people cannot move out of CA fast enough. Yet, you define the definition of keep doing the same things over and over again and wonder why you are not successful.
You were crazy enough to re elect Brown when he was crazy the first time he was gov. Oh well... in your spare time you might read the actual bills instead of getting your news from late night TV.

Anonymous said...

By your too quick to judge comment, you've just proved why TN & people like you are a laughing stock. Do you honestly believe, out of all the countries in the world, the letters CA, are exclusive to California? Where did you get your education, a back room?

I do not live in your country, but gee, guess what, I do live in CA. Isn't that amazing?!!

You really should bone up on your geography madam, or you'll never know there's more than one CA on the planet, or more than one Paris on the planet, or more than one London on the planet, etc, etc, etc..

Seriously. Your comment & rant was childish in nature. Much like a school child ready to throw a tatrum. You might want to work on improving your first impression image.

I can only assume from your childish ranting, that you are one and the same with the archaic court jesters you elected to be in charge of your state.

If you can be proud of that, you have wasted your time on this earth.


Susie Allen said...

Oh Canada....been there and it is the winter not so much. Actually my education came from a place not that far away. Have you visited TN? Beautiful as well. I still invite you to read the bills and visit TN.