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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memphis stands up for Religious Freedom on June 8th...

So proud that while I was in Tanzania, Kent Pruett of Memphis put on a successful Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally. The Commercial Appeal writes that approximately 150 attended the rally held at noon on Friday, June 8th.  

Pruett had 300 programs printed and taken so he felt that the actual number was closer to 200. I can tell him from previous experience that if a liberal abortion supporting newspaper like the Commercial Appeal said there was 150 there, you can bet there were at least 300.  However, the CA did do a fair reporting piece although no news stations covered the event. 
I commend Pruett for obtaining the diversity of speakers for this event.
"Often billed as a Catholic issue, speakers at the rally represented a more diverse slice of the religious community and included Chip Jones, permanent deacon with the Catholic Diocese of Memphis; Father John Troy Mashburn, pastor of St. John Orthodox Church; Sue Parker, CEO of Life Choices Inc.; and Calvin Shaw with the American Muslim Intercultural Network."
" Religion is based on principle. Politics is based on compromise," Shaw said. "So people in politics can't ask religious people to compromise your principles."
Congratulations Kent and all those who took a stand on June 8th.

Pix: Commercial Appeal

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