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Monday, August 20, 2012

New regs allows minors to get free sterilizations...really??

Interesting article from LaShawn Barber  that appeared in PJ Media. You almost can't make this stuff up.
" A story on  CNSNews  goes into detail about an Obamacare regulation that took effect on August 1 that requires health care plans in the U. S. to provide tax-funded (or free, in liberal terminology) contraceptive methods that include sterilization for "for women with reproductive capacity. "
When you think of it, it almost boggles your mind. Pelosi's dodge is almost laughable if she wasn't in a position to shape public policy. 
"In Oregon, a 15-year-old cannot obtain a driver’s license or legally drink alcohol, but she can ask a doctor to make her infertile. In Oregon, a 15-year-old cannot consent to sex, but she can consent to a procedure that will ensure she won’t get pregnant. Ever.
CNSNews asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about the regulation:
“You mentioned the preventive services mandate. One of the services that health care plans have to offer free of charge are sterilizations. And I was wondering do you agree with the federal government mandating—”
Pelosi said: “You know what, I told you before, let’s go to church and talk about our religion…Right here we’re talking about public policy as it affects women and we’re not, you know that this bill is—” asked: “No, it has nothing to do with the religious views but do you—”

Pelosi said: “No, it does.”
So now we are paying for  minors to get sterilized without parental consent and Pelosi thinks we are talking about religion?? 


HowToHugHitler said...

Most things become "allowed" or permissable, just to open the door to them becoming mandatory. Sterilization has been forced before and there's a good chance that this is to open the door to that again.

Anonymous said...

Seriously HowtoHug? Making something allowable opens the door to it becoming mandatory????? Where do you get this stuff?

Susie Allen said...

Why would you want to sterilize minors anyway