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Friday, November 30, 2012

100K from HHS to negotiate condom use skills with girls on probation!!!! cannot make this stuff up!

Some things you simply cannot make up.....while Congress and POTUS fuss over the looming fiscal cliff  and POTUS is wavering on cutting out the obvious spending addiction.....HHS headed by abortion supporting Kathleen Sebelius is going full blast.
They  approved a  grant for $100,000 to teach at risk girls how to better "negotiate" condom use with their boyfriends! These girls ages 14-17 are on "intensive probation with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department." I wonder what intensive probation is??
"According to the school's release, "Parrish notes one of the big issues for this population of adolescent girls is condom negotiation. They may have a boyfriend who says it isn't 'cool' to use a condom. To prepare the girls for these types of situations, the counselors and pediatricians will teach them how to negotiate condom use with their partner. The intervention also helps empower and motivate girls to make healthier choices regarding their alcohol use, smoking and prevention of unplanned pregnancy."
So this is how much they get for a study to see if their "negotiation" skills work. What a joke! I have worked with reputable non profits who do excellent work with teens teaching abstinence and the  hard realities of not choosing abstinence and been turned down by HHS. But anything that has the sex without consequences ....everyone is doing it....gets the grant. Amazing! We are so sick.

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