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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ask them what they mean by choice????

As the abortion industry abandons the word choice....noting their branding is down; and as they struggle with a way to sell choice....we will help them by reminding them that choice has silenced the voices of 55 million little voices.

 As they wonder why they don't have the following of the youth.....we can help them understand. They have been thrown into the refuse bins and down the drain. That is what you call choice. No jury.....just the death penalty. No anesthesia....just a scalpel to dismember their little bodies. This is what you call choice. 

You have silenced  their voices and punctured the hearts of the mothers and fathers who mourn their choice. Is this what you call choice. 

As you struggle with your watch abortion workers walk away and join prayer vigils. Is it because your brand is no good. is because what you call choice is evil. Your new slogans are not bumper sticker ready you to to sell...death and make it sound acceptable. Is this what you mean by  choice?

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JennJ said...

This is an awesome post! Love it Susie! Keep telling the truth and God willing we will see an end to what they call CHOICE very, very soon now!

Big Hugs,