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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas thieves strike at Crisis Pregnancy Center in TN

Cross Posted at Life News;

A pregnancy center in Tennessee that helps pregnant women find abortion alternatives was burglarized on Christmas Day. Local police are working to try to catch the thieves who broke into the Pregnancy Center of Middle Tennessee.

From a local news report on the incident:

For nearly two decades, the nonprofit center has helped pregnant women and new moms by providing baby supplies, clothing, free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling. Last week, thieves broke in and nearly wiped them out. In addition to girl’s baby clothes, diapers, a crib and stroller, the burglars also took a laptop, furniture and art.

The center’s director doesn’t think it was a random act. She believes the thieves had been to the center before, knew exactly what they wanted and where to find it.

“It was just a little too specific which makes me think it’s someone who has been here,” Executive Director Victoria Koloff said.

The burglary has left the center in a critical situation without the necessary supplies and baby needs that are important to providing pregnant mothers with the support they need to overcome the financial and other challenges that may accompany an unplanned pregnancy.

LifeNews encourages readers to donate to support the center by going to and anyone locally can drop off donations of baby items at 704 Dunnington Street in Columbia. Anyone with information about the incident that could help police solve the crime should call 931-388-2727.

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