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Thursday, February 7, 2013

For the abortion industry in TN less information is better....

Save One Founder and Executive Director, Sheila Harper, is interviewed about her thoughts on the viewing of an ultrasound and her personal experience  with abortion.   She articulates the issue well to this Channel 2 reporter.

 However, due  to the disastrous ruling of  our  TN  Supreme Court in 2000, in a law suit brought by ACLU and Planned Parenthood against  the state , commonsense regulations voted into law by our elected bipartisan legislators were thrown out . In order to correct this egregious ruling a constitutional amendment called SJR 127 which states   that our state constitution,  originally written in 1796, did not speak to  issue of abortion. It further states that our elected legislators have the right and duty to enact regulations around abortion which is legal through the US Supreme Court decision of 1973. I know sounds so commonsense as to be ridiculous,  but the strange ruling of 2000 found that TN has a greater right to abortion than was  found in the   US Supreme Court decision known as Roe Vs. Wade. Read the constitution and try to find the word abortion.  All that to say..... in 2014, Tennesseans must pass this amendment  during the Gubernatorial  election so we can enact regulations voted on by our elected legislators such as informed consent, reflection periods etc.

However, Harper and Senator Jim Tracy are discussing a bill that would  then give women important information before they make a decision that is final. Watch the abortion industry object loudly using talking  points like privacy that do not address the fact that they really object to women have medically accurate information including the viewing of their ultrasound  and a time to consider this step before making a life altering decision.  It adds up to lost revenue and abortions are a very lucrative profession.

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