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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Canada: Status of Women Minister opposes gendercide except in abortions....

Our neighbors to the north are very interesting to watch. They actually have a cabinet post called Status of Women Minister. They also have unrestricted abortionn as the law of the land. Here comes the contradiction that causes political maneuvering for the the best pol.  Don't you just hate it when the facts get in the way?

There is a proposal on the table condemning sex selection abortion or gendercide. What's a Status of Women Minister to do For starters, she explains that she of course is opposed to gendercide but will likely vote against the proposal because it speaks to abortion.  

Minister Rona Ambrose previously voted to open discussion on the 'thorny' issue of abortion but announces she will likely vote against the measure condemning gendercide, which she personally is opposed to, because  it may be divisive since it speaks to sex selection abortion.  

What to do....her whole job description is defend the rights of women but abortion on demand is the rallying cry of the abortion supporting feminists who got her the job in the first place.   

The commenter's hit the nail on the head.... 

The Pipe Padre

Raising taxes is a divisive issue. Are you saying that Parliament will only debate issues that don't get any one mad? Come on debate the important stuff. Life and death is important.

Mohogwash Al-Dandy

For supporters of unrestricted abortion, as is the law in Canada, there should be nothing wrong with sex-selective abortion because according to them, there's nothing wrong with abortion.

The criminal law definition of a human being, which was endorsed by vote by a majority of MPs earlier this year, including all NDP and PM Stephen Harper, says that the fetus becomes a human being only after it has completely exited the mother.

For supporters of abortion to be critical of sex selective abortion would be hypocritical.

Do you think the NDP, the Liberals, many Conservatives and PM Harper actually believe what they voted for?

No. They know abortion is killing humans, but they voted to allow the killing of humans to get votes from so-called 'feminists'. So they have clear consciences.

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