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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I’m not “giving up”

Statistics tell us that pregnant teen are choosing single parenting 50-55%, abortion, 30-35% and adoption is less than 1%.
Isn't this alarming?  Just imagine if we could reverse the statistics of abortion and adoption?  With 2MM couples waiting to adopt, why is adoption not even on the radar screen?
The reason appears to be that even in well written articles, we continue to frame adoption in outdated  and negative language.   Even  some professionals that deal with teens have an outdated,  inaccurate viewpoint of adoption generated by made for  TV movies that show anomalies or view adoption as it was in the 1970's.  Today we have open, semi open and confidential adoptions. Using negative adoption language contributes to this misrepresentation.

 A nonprofit Decisions, Choices and Options, was  started to correct these inaccurate views. This  copy written curriculum is now being presented in 8 states by 52 trained agencies. Since its inception by  Joi Wasill, an educator and mother by adoption in middle TN, this program  has presented to over 55, 000 high school students.
The next time you talk or write  about adoption, please consider the impact of your language.

Don't use
Instead, say:
Real, Natural parent
Implies that adoptive relationships are artificial, tentative.
Birth or Biological parents
Own child
Suggests that adoptive relationships are less important than biological relationships.
Birth child, child by birth
To keep
Children are not possessions, and they need care, love, and commitment. It's not like "keeping" a thing.
To parent
Closed adoption
Implies that the experience of adoption, rather than just contact between parents, is over.

Confidential adoption
Taken away, given  up
Denotes that children are stolen or forgotten rather than adopted legally and with forethought. Birth parents always "keep" feelings for their children.
Termination of parental rights
Is adopted
Adoption is a one-time event, not a definition of a person.
Was adopted
Available, unwanted
Waiting children are wanted. The right family just has not been found, and they are not available to whoever is interested.
In need of a family, waiting
Adopted child, adoptive parents
In most contexts, qualifiers are not needed. Adoption creates a full, permanent relationship.
Son, daughter; or mom, dad
Children born to unmarried parents should never be labeled or stigmatized.
No replacement
Give away, put up
Does not accurately describe the birth parent's decision-making process and responsible choice.
Make an adoption plan; choose adoption
Hard to place
Labels the child and unfairly places blame on him or her for needing an adoptive family.
Child who has special needs, waiting child
Foreign adoption
While more acceptable in the past, today "foreign" has negative connotations.
International adoption

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