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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TN: Mother on trial for smothering twins following birth begins today

A trial that shocks the mind begins in Gallatin,TN today. 26 yr.old Lindsey Lowe is on trial for smothering her twin sons shortly after birth in the home she shared with her parents in September of 2011. The babies were full term. She confessed shortly after her arrest to police that she smothered them to prevent their cries and hid them in the laundry basket. Her father discovered the babies in the laundry basket two days later.
Amazingly, Lowe managed to hide her pregnancy from her parents, employer and friends including her fiance.  She even served as a bridesmaid in a wedding shortly before the birth.

 She was engaged to be married but the DNA results showed that the father of the twins was another man.  Lowe admitted having relations with another man who stated he was unaware of her pregnancy.

She is being charged with first degree murder but the defense will argue that she was at the time she killed her twins. | Nashville News, Weather

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