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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Channel 17...Nashville....PP provides services to expectant parents!!! REALLY??

Okay, I read this part about the only TV station covering this was Channel 17 which does not surprise me but the last line about PP provides services to expectant parents!!!!! Come on..... I looked up  the website for Channel 17 and could not find the video anywhere. I searched and searched but not up yet.  I am sure you know that PP does not do prenatal care.  One legislator asked them that once and there response was we give a sample of prenatal vitamins to them. That is prenatal care!!! Look at the pics...this is the kind of prenatal care they interesting that the National Broadcasters Religious Convention is being held there. This is where they usually hold it but now that they are informed...will they continue????

CAP signs on display at Marriott Opryland Hotel & Convention Center.

The Corporate Accountability Project (CAP) at Marriott/Opryland was a huge success on Day 1. Our team of volunteers displayed signs for about 6 hours, as scheduled, from about noon until dark. They were very enthusiastic about the experience, and most promised to return again to help as the picketing continues over the next 4 days.

We reached thousands of people, especially those lined up at the traffic light, waiting to turn left into the Opryland complex. Several people in the turn lane took pictures as they waited for the light to change. Friday is a huge day, because so many people arrive for their weekend stays. In this case, people were also arriving for the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention.

We got many thumbs-up from passersby, but only one or two “flying buzzards.” (The difference between thumbs-up and the other finger is what we call the “digital divide.”)

Our presence was covered by WZTV-17, the local Fox affiliate. Their concluding remark was the biggest laugh-line of the day (if you are into macabre humor); they identified Planned Parenthood as an agency that “provides services to expectant parents.” Who writes this stuff? (Oh, yeah, Planned Parenthood writes it.)

CAP signs were visible to thousands of motorists entering and passing the Marriott Opryland Hotel & Convention Center.

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