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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 3-26-13

by Susie Allen, host of the blog,Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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At Priests for Life, Janet Morana discusses the case of Ariel Knights, who sought (and thought she had) an abortion after she was told her pregnancy was a risk to her life due to uterus didelphys, and her baby survived. Most revealing is that this article on the case minces no words regarding the substandard conditions of the abortion facility and stark facts of the procedure:
When her name was called that March morning a year ago, she walked into a cramped room and climbed onto a table, positioning her lower body above a trash bag. When the doctor finished, Knights, still woozy from being sedated, was handed her things and shown the door.

ProWomanProLife has been following the “Vagina Warriors” and their efforts to shut down (or shout down, as the case may be) any sort of intelligent discussion on abortion. Canadian MPStephen Woodworth, a conservative who made a motion to study a legal definition of when life begins, was invited to speak at theUniversity of Waterloo inOntario, but was instead confronted with the “warriors’” pro-choice theatrics (pictured left).

Wesley J. Smith says the state of Washington is attempting to pass a law that would require employers to pay for elective abortions through their insurance policies – yet another assault on business owners’ conscience and religious rights that could drive businesses out of the state. How far is the abortion industry willing to go to get taxpayer-funded abortions?

Real Choice continues to chronicle women’s deaths from both illegal and legal abortion, showing that regardless of legality or time period, abortionist quacks abound.

John Smeaton says Easter Sunday will also be the date of a temporary hold on an anti-life law in the Philippines.

Bryan Kemper recently sent out a fundraising email that reached a pregnant, abortion-minded woman, who called Kemper to complain. During their conversation, he referred the woman to a counselor and she has chosen life for her preborn child. Wow!

A Voice for Hope encourages you to take the time to listen to a panel discussion on pro-life and religious liberty from the recent CPAC conference:

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