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Monday, April 8, 2013

Nashville Way of the Cross ...150 people pray while death occurs across the street....

The Way of the Cross in Nashville, TN in front of the Women's Center on Welshwood was a success despite the cold and rainy weather. Approximately 150 men, women and children came out to pray in this ecumenical prayer service known as the Way of the Cross. Children held 14 large crosses symbolizing the walk of Jesus to his death. Other students held pictures in front of each  cross as the remembrance was read.

Unknown to most,  there was a  spiritual battle taking place inside the abortion mill. I  received a text message when I was preparing to leave for the vigil....needing to arrive early to set up. It was from a friend who serves on a pro life board with me. A relative of hers was inside that very abortion facility on that day to get an abortion. Many individuals were communicating with her via text message (by the way, this abortion mill  does not want cell phone in there for this very reason) trying to get her to change her mind. One birth mother,who made an adoption plan,  was texting her telling her story of choosing life and adoption for her son. Prayers were offered. Pleas to consider another option were ignored and this "strong willed " girl went though with the abortion. This was occurring while 150 people were outside praying the way of the cross and remembering the journey that our Savior made for us some 2000 years ago as He walked to his death by crucifixion.  A most cruel and painful death....and inside  this building  another  life was also facing a death dismemberment. It might sound terrible to be so blunt but that is the way it is and we shouldn't pretend that it is a pretty way to die.

The relative  who tried to intervene, herself a mother by adoption, was disheartened. I sent her a picture of the men, women and children praying outside. It may be  some comfort to know that this little one was remembered in prayer acknowledging her/his brief existence. I know as co coordinator it gave me some solace. Here is one of my favorite pictures.

Check out Pro Life Action League for more pictures around the country including Nashville and then read Fr. Frank Pavones's commentary on Killed in Darkness, Remembered in Light

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