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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Progesterone from recent birth helps mother heal from tragic car accident

Great quote from an  article detailing the horrific experience of this middle TN family.   On January 28th,  Megan Bouge was traveling with her mother, 3 year old daughter and two week old son.  A car crossed the center line and several lines   to hit her head on. Killed immediately was the driver of the car crossing the line and the mother of Bouge. Her three year old daughter succumbed to her injuries several days later. Bouge was critically injured and her two week old son was uninjured. Now the mother is released from the hospital and will continue her recovery at home.

The Bouges are thankful for the help of many friends and strangers including the prayer and report their  faith will continue to sustain them. Bouge  had an  interesting observation about how her recent birth helped her heal from injuries sustained in the car accident.

"Since the wreck, Bouge said she’s been told many times that she wouldn’t have survived. A surgeon told her that the levels of progesterone that remained in her body from giving birth two weeks prior to the crash was what saved her life because of the healing effects of the hormone."

“If I wouldn’t have been pregnant two weeks prior, would I be here?” Bouge asked. “And that’s a God thing. Who else could do that?”

Pix: Robertson County  Times

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