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Friday, June 28, 2013

Dem Kirsten Powers calls out radical abortion industry.....

How radical is the Abortion industry anyway? They showed us just how radical they are this week. The TX bill know as SB5 shows just how radical they are and that despite their well rehearsed talking points care about their bottom line and power, not  the women and of course not about the babies.

This video shows even Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers  (pictured left )who previously worked in the Clinton White House (author of the outdated talking points of safe, legal and rare) debunks Big Abortion talking points.   She accurately points out that the bill takes exception for the life and substantial injury to the mother and if the preborn baby is determined to have severe anomalies incompatible  with life.   So she accurately points out that this is an elective abortion of a healthy baby at 20 weeks!! This is 5 mos. pregnant!!

The other parts of the bill ensure the women's health and safety. Having the abortion centers be licensed as surgical treatment centers requires things like having the hallways wide enough for a gurney transport.  Also, EMT personnel say that the aisles need to be wide enough for a person to walk along side the traveling gurney so that they can "bag" the patient while the other person is pushing it. Too much??? This is done to save a life of the woman! Also that they have on site a crash cart in the event the patient "codes" and personnel trained to use it!! And proper sterilizing equipment in good working order to  sterilize the utensils used in the abortion!!!  Big Abortion fights against this??? They say that the state will be down to only 5 abortion facilities if they have to comply?? Are they admitting running substandard facilities?? Looks that way!! This is a good thing not a bad thing.

Also, late term abortions are not easy procedures. As we know from Kermit Gosnell the babies  sometimes come out alive, breathing, even crying.  Unless the dr. intends to pull another Gosnell and snip their spine or puncture the back of their head to suck out their brains....which is illegal....they will have to have medical treatment. Should the centers who specialize in this procedure have equipment to care for the abortion survivor?? Big Abortion says NO!! 

The final part of the bill states that the doctors running the abortion centers have admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30 miles radius. Why?? So if something goes wrong with the patient they can transport to the hospital and continue to treat. Also, it ensures that the dr. has good enough credentials to work at that hospital. I think we all know that the docs who do abortions are the bottom of the barrel types who have multiple malpractice suits and typically cannot work elsewhere. Again, Big Abortion fights against this. This is why it is outrageous l that they claim to  care about the health and welfare of women. 
But Big Abortion has friends in high places. The former IL state senator  who voted three times for withholding care from abortion survivors now is POTUS and he tweets his support for the radical abortion industry..... his lucrative supporters.  

Something special is happening in Austin tonight: http://OFA.BO/CBZ6c7 

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