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Friday, August 16, 2013

Emmett Bouge miracle baby times 2

Nice update on a entry brought earlier about the Bouge Family of TN

Prayers for The Bouge Family

Emmett Poe, our miracle child x2

Emmett was born on January 14, 2013. He is a rainbow baby, we miscarried in April and immediately became pregnant with him. We always thought that the doctors were wrong on his due date but much to our surprise, his birth-date saved my life (I'll come back to this in a second).

At just 14 days old, he survived the horrific head on collision that killed his big sissy, his Grandmother and the driver at fault. Emmett had to be resuscitated and he had a broken femur (leg), a concussion and some minor injuries
to his chest wall. His infant car seat literally saved his life.

Now, remember how I said we thought the doctors were off of my due date and how Emmett saved MY life? Since he was only born two weeks prior, my body was still retaining the progesterone from the pregnancy. With all of my injuries that I sustained, from being crushed from the chest down, the surgeons were amazed at how I survived. The head surgeon told me himself, that I did not bleed out because of the progesterone. (They are actually doing studies about giving progesterone to trauma patients).

Thank God for my son, thank God for miracles.
God is the only reason we are both here. Miracles do happen, we are living proof.

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