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Friday, October 4, 2013

Pro-life blog buzz 10-4-13

from Jill
by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli
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  • According to Wesley J. Smith, former VP candidate Sarah Palin had a point when she talked about Obamacare’s “death panels”: The assisted suicide advocacy organization, the euphemistically named Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society) was deeply involved – by the group’s own account – in drafting portions of the Obamacare legislation. So, could Obamacare lead to greater assisted suicide? You betcha.

ProLifeBlogs features an Operation Rescue report about a patient transported by ambulance this week from Summit Medical Center (abortion facility) in Detroit – the second such incident known since March:
Reginald Sharpe, an abortionist with a long and sordid history, was on duty at the time of the emergency. Sharpe was known to have killed a patient in January, 2008 during a botched second trimester abortion. Sharpe reportedly perforated the woman’s uterus and “cut a uterine blood vessel, lacerated her intestines, and liver.” She died eight days later.

Pro-Life Wisconsin posts an article from The Population Research Institute, “[which] provides three reasons overpopulation is a myth, and not an excuse to kill weaker human beings.”

ProWomanProLife features a series of articles on remarkable pro-life women, including Marie-Claire Rear, the president of 1Flesh – a “grassroots movement dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe through the power of organic family planning.”

At Priests for Life, Alveda King discusses the government shutdown over a moral position:"Now in 2013 the debate is over a ludicrous issue; birth control and easy access to abortions to be paid for with our money, our tax dollars. Oh, it’s all couched neatly and wrapped up in a “health care for all” bow, but it is still all foolishness. I've been saying that as the mother of two daughters and grandmother to three precious girls, they don’t need free birth control and easy abortions…."

At Secular Pro-Life, Alycia Hartley contrasts public response to a fireman saving a kitten from a burning building, and an abortionist who takes photos of aborted babies to send home with their mothers as mementos of the baby that was just killed: 
 "When we live in a world that is moved by the rescue of a small kitten, yet remains largely unmoved by the daily barbaric killing of pre-born children, something seems very wrong. This disregard towards the unborn finds its epitome in the fact that some parents are not only willing to kill their pre-born children, but to have photographs taken of the murdered baby as a memento."

[Photo via Operation Rescue]

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