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Friday, October 11, 2013

TX: abuse, failure to protect, forced abortion .....all this in Austin, TX not China

Wow, there is so many things wrong with this story, you hardly know where to begin. This occurred in Austin TX where a 15 year old girl was living in the care of a step grandmother (who was her official guardian) and the boyfriend of the grandmother,  a registered sex offender, having served time for offenses against a 13 year old girl.  For some reason, she was not in the care of her biological mother.

In 2011 she pens an essay at school, describing  sexual abuse in her home changing the names as the teacher instructed. The teacher confers with the principal, which is appropriate,  but what happened next caused them to be indicted. They did not report this to the Dept. of Children's Services or other appropriate agency.  They contact the very people  the minor  alleges is guilty of the abuse and failure to protect. They make her apologize for "lying." How outrageous! The teacher and especially the two principals involved disobeyed the law mandating reporting of suspected abuse.

The following year she becomes pregnant. The story says it is by a teen age boyfriend,  but given the fact that she was living with an abuser, there is no evidence to support that.  The guardian try to force her to abort but she wants to carry to term and parent. She reaches out to her biological mother for support.  The mother sues to regain custody and this is where it gets even more outrageous. The mother reaches out to a pro life law firm.  They file a petition to have the minor placed in the care of her mother or state protective custody.   The judge listens to the girl in private chambers and she recounts the abusive situation that she is living in. He rules against her and returns her to the abusive home and they force her to abort. What?? So in Austin TX, a minor can be forced to abort against her wishes!! TN has a law in effect that says that no one can be forced to abort against their wishes regardless of the age. 

Given that she  was so adamant that about not aborting, that she and her mother retain lawyers to try to stop the abortion, what excuse does the abortionist have for performing this abortion? I find it hard to believe  that they did not know she was being forced  into this.  Is this China? No, this happened in Austin TX where Wendy Davis  gained overnight  sensation for filibustering against banning abortions after the fifth month!

Can it get any worse....yes it can. After she is  forced to abort and returned to the abusive situation, she is tied to the bed,  raped,  and witnessed her guardian being murdered. 
There is lots of outrage over what happened to her and that is understandable. There is another victim here and that is the baby  who died  due to the failure of so many people. Who do you go to sue for that?

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