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Monday, January 27, 2014

NYT: continues it's practice of ignoring the news they do not like....March for Life 2014 one pix on page 17...

Taken  to task by one of their own....Margaret Sullivan, The Public Editor of the New York Times and author of the The Public Editor's Journal Blog,  asks the NYT to explain why  they did not send a reporter to cover the March for Life in Washington DC and why such scant coverage?
"The Times, in print, published only a stand-alone photograph of the event on Page A17 with a two-line caption on Thursday."
Their tepid response was that they can't cover every protest and the crowd this year was smaller than last year due to the freezing temperatures.  Well I had the privileged of attending in 2012 (one of 500,000) and in 2013 (650,000) and the coverage was scant then as well.  I couldn't go this year due to knee surgery. 

The NYT does not pretend to be anything other than giving full throated support of  abortion on demand.  Some readers chastised them for ignoring the news story regardless of their own leanings. 

God bless the Editor who pointed out to them that they gave front page coverage to a handful of students in WA who protested the firing of a principal in a Catholic school for marrying his male partner.

So Gov. Cuomo says pro lifers are not welcome in NY state and the NYT pretends that they don't exist. I think of that every time I see an ad that is running now urging people to come to NY to do business. Really? pass.......

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