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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wendy Davis can't catch a break....introduces legislation already passed and she voted for it.

Wendy Davis is now painting herself as a victim of the piling on....ever since her hard luck story was found to be full of holes. The pol who rocketed to fame by filibustering in favor of late term abortions and becoming the darling of Emily's List and gasp...The Girl Scouts :(. 

Then she tried to rebound by going "country" since she is running for Governor of Texas. Real Clear Politics picks up the story.....

"So, in a blazing red state like Texas, what’s an ambitious, take-no-prisoners, left-wing gal to do? Bring out the guns, of course. On Tuesday, Davis hastily “went country,” announcing her plans to strengthen gun rights by supporting, as the Associated Press reported, “legislation that allows workers to keep their guns in their vehicles at work.” Not bad, right? Well, no. Unfortunately for Wendy, as blogger Bryan Preston pointed out, similar legislation already passed in 2011—something she should know, as she voted for it at the time. (She also, for the record, pushed for gun control measures as a city councilor in Fort Worth, and told an interviewer last year she would do the same as governor. The NRA has given Davis an “F” grade.)"


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