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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Progressives conundrum: civil rights expansion but not for the preborn

An interesting article appears in the Boston Globe talking about conflicting rights in a pregnant woman. Written by a progressive who is concerned about the states moving into the protection of the preborn...she states in the article that she will use the term fetus to describe all stages of pregnancy. She wants to be sure not to use the term baby. The article brings out the problem for progressives.
“It has become this conundrum, this intersection of human rights,” said Milligan. If progressives have been slow to move on an issue that has already animated the right, he also points out there’s a reason: It is progressives who have historically pushed to expand civil rights, yet who now find themselves concerned about the expansion of rights to fetuses. “It’s incumbent on modern progressives to focus on the intersections of those rights, and figure out how best to mediate those conflicting rights.”
As medical technology continues to give us a window into the womb and show off the humanity of the preborn, this brings continuing problems to those who hold true to the idea that the woman has dominion over the life in the womb and her cause/wishes/lifestyle is paramount.
"In some sense, the legal issue is driven by a deeper question that America has simply not resolved: what a fetus is, and when it acquires a special moral status." 
This is the core question those who support abortion must grapple with....what is the preborn ? They all realize that abortion kills....that is the purpose of the take that which is alive and growing and kill it. What is it that we just killed? And have we just allowed the pro lifers to be the champions of civil rights?

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