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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tennessean confirms TN as out of state abortion mecca

A well written article in the Tennessean show three important points.....TN is the abortion destination in the fact fourth in the nation for out of state abortions, most abortions are done on women of color, and most Tennesseans consider themselves pro life.
Over the same time period, the percentage of women coming from outside Tennessee for abortions increased by more than 30 percent. One in four abortions in 2010 was sought by an out-of-state woman — a result of bordering states passing abortion restrictions and a steep decline in abortion clinics in those states. 
While non-white Tennesseans constitute just 17 percent of all state residents, non-white women were more likely to obtain abortions than white women. Non-white women obtained 6,294 abortions in 2012 versus 5,376 sought by white women. 
A recent poll by Middle Tennessee State University found that 51 percent of Tennesseans think abortion should be “legal only under certain circumstances.” Another 12 percent think it should be “legal under any circumstances,” and 32 percent think it should be “illegal in all circumstances.”

Chart from CDC data 2010 

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