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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cost of teen pregnancy...pilot program in Sumner County TN is a success

Juniors and Seniors in Personal Finance Class at White House High School listen intently in this  Personal Finance class.  It is a requirement to graduate and  full of practical advice. 

 At the request of educators, Decisions, Choices and Options, was invited to  bring their teen pregnancy prevention advice to the students in  a class designed to work with  finances.  Amy Lafayette, an experienced educator, and  Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace facilitator was the perfect person for this pilot program.

The feedback from teachers and students showcase the success.  The teens are fully engaged in interactive assignments as they calculate the cost of pregnancy, delivery and caring for an infant in the first year of life. 

Most of these students  already have part time jobs and  meet some of their personal expenses such as cell phones, car insurance, clothing and gas. They understand paychecks and taxes.  The assignments  in class help them see the direct consequences of  other life  choices.

The  hour and a half class was fast moving and never boring.  It was very compelling  in the middle of the lesson to hear one young man say...."is it worth it to have a baby at this age?"  This statement prompted Mrs. Lafayette to ask what is the only 100% method of preventing pregnancy.
To which the class answered in unison...abstinence!  Give teens facts and they will draw the correct conclusion.

Now for some interactive group work. Notice how the class is mainly boys but they are into it.

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