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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FLOTUS to China...will not address forced abortions, sterilizations in favor of youth empowerment

Why should we be surprised that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will not address the one child policy, forced abortions and forced sterilizations on her upcoming trip to China.

“We don’t think that the first lady should make this a focus at all of her trip,” Rhodes said. “This is a very different purpose. This is the purpose, again, of building those people-to-people connections; of reaching out to young people in China, broadening the ties between our two countries. So we’ll continue to raise those issues in all of our diplomatic contacts with the Chinese. I think the first lady’s message and I think her — the nature of her visit is quite different.”
Rhodes told the conference call that Mrs. Obama’s visit to China will “focus on people-to-people relations” as well as education and “youth empowerment.”

It would be laughable for her to abandon her radical support of abortion on demand to lecture China on their policies when her and her husband's abortion support is just as extreme. Besides they depend too heavily on the campaign contributions from the nation's promoter and provider of abortions....Planned Parenthood. However, I choke on the youth empowerment lingo.

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