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Friday, December 12, 2014

TN: traffic stop brings to light Muslim / state burial laws for miscarried 15 wk old baby …confuses police/community

There was a strange story in the Nashville news yesterday regarding a routine traffic stop made by a police officer for a license tag violation. The car was driven by two Muslim men with Saudi driver's licenses. They advised they were transporting a deceased child in their trunk for proper Muslim burial. The officer asked to see the body, but the men said that it would against their faith to disrupt the body. Confused, the officer made the decision to let them go on. He then reported it to his chief who  thought that he should have insisted on seeing the body.  The chief put out an alert for the car and it was carried on all the news channels.

The police chief decided to further investigate and contact nearby mosques.. There was a mosque south of Nashville that had a member whose wife had miscarried a baby  at 15 weeks gestation in Bowling Green KY. With proper documentation from the KY coroner, he was transporting  the remains for proper burial at their mosque cemetery.   The men tried to explain that to the officer but there was a problem communicating due to the language barrier. So the news outlets  ran an update on the story. What is interesting is the verbiage used to describe the remains of the baby miscarried at 15 weeks gestation. One reporter  commented that there  typically is not a birth or death certificate issued for a miscarriage, nor is there a burial of the remains.

Years ago I was part of a pro life demonstration at a nearby college. Two Muslim women came up and  talked to me. They discussed how their faith was firmly against abortion and it was strictly prohibited. When they walked away one of the leaders of the demonstration made the comment that the Muslims will soon outnumber us because they are strictly pro life and we permit abortion. Interesting point. I also have been in Muslim countries and know their faith demands burial of the remains within 24 hours of the death. Obviously the Muslims considered a miscarriage at 15 weeks gestation a person that deserves proper burial and not medical waste. Think about it.

As the news outlets updated the story, only  one changed the wording to fetus. The rest continued to say baby, child or son. Another interesting point. Maybe we can learn something from them.

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