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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pro-life blog buzz 1-2-15

from Jill

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

Big Blue Wave expresses skepticism about the remote birth control device that is supposed to work for 16 years.

Culture Campaign comments on “nonprofit” Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report. Abortion numbers and taxpayer funding increased while contraceptive numbers decreased. Unsurprisingly, adoption referrals are scarce:
In its annual government-required report, Planned Parenthood indicated that it performed 327,653 abortions (that’s nearly 500 more children killed than the previous year), and served 147,210 fewer birth control customers while receiving an increase in taxpayer funding to $528.4 million (41% of Planned Parenthood’s total revenue). The report indicated that Planned Parenthood, which the government classifies as a “non-profit” organization, had an annual profit of $127.1 million. For the year, Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women were 94% abortions; abortions outnumbered adoption referrals by a factor of 174 to 1.

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is pleased to announce that another “Dr. Death” has lost his license: Lawrence Egbert, a leader of the Final Exit Network, has lost his medical license in Maryland.After a two year review, the Maryland Board of Physicians revoked his medical license after deciding that Egbert’s actions were unethical and illegal. Egbert has said that he plans to appeal.
 Expose Abortion shares a sobering quote about saline abortion (which shows the humanity of the preborn child) from former abortionist Paul Jarrett: This type of abortion was then done by hypertonic saline injection. In laymen’s terms this meant injecting a very caustic salt solution into the amniotic sac which the baby swallows, causing his death. Labor begins 12 – 36 hours later.

At Live Action News, Susan Michelle recounts the plethora of emails from pro-abortion professionals who think of 2014 as a bad year for abortion rights, and are fearful of what pro-lifers may do in 2015.

Kansans for Life is proud of the pro-life victories in their state in 2014. We offer our congratulations:
Pro-lifers can proudly claim credit for the fact that pro-life candidates won all of Kansas’ statewide offices, along with 94 of the 125 seats in the Kansas House of Representatives in the 2014 elections. Notably, pro-life stalwarts Governor Sam Brownback and U.S. Senator Pat Roberts won re-election over their radically pro-abortion challengers. As officially reported by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, the number of Kansas abortions dropped to 7,485 in 2013, from 7,598 in 2012(2014 numbers aren’t available until March 2015). Many reasons can be attributed to the continued drop, including the improved availability of informed consent information online and increased utilization of pregnancy care centers statewide.

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